Choosing the right urn is extremely important, as it is the final resting place of the deceased. Most relatives spend a significant amount of time choosing the perfect urn, as that is one way to show love and respect to our loved one.


At Lumada, we offer metal and wooden urns with beautiful and elegant motifs in which you can send your loved ones on their last journey on earth with peace of mind.

All the urns are handcrafted tastefully and with great attention to detail.


The metal urns are hand-painted and finished with a high-quality lacquer. Many include an elegant base that gives them a unique look and extra stability.

We offer more than 20 metal urns in different colors and designs, all of which can include brass motifs. You can choose between a variety of colors: white, bronze, nickel, black, blue, dusty gold, red, copper-grey, silver, brown, metallic and green.

How to choose the perfect color for the urn?

If you are having trouble choosing a color, you can ask yourselves these three questions:

  1. Which color best reflects the deceased’s personality?

Choosing a color that reminds us of the deceased often brings a feeling of comfort and peace to the relatives. Did your loved one like autumn and soft colors? Choose a dusty gold, brown or bronze urn. Was your loved one always in a good mood and full of energy? Then red, blue and green are the best choices.

  1. What do you feel when you think of the deceased person?
    Different colors evoke different emotions, so you can use this connection to help you choose the perfect urn.

Colors such as white and metallic are generally associated with feelings of calm, innocence and tenderness, while warm colors such as red, copper and gold can evoke feelings of comfort and warmth. Cooler colors such as blue and green can often evoke feelings of cheerfulness and joy.

  1. What kind of style did the deceased have?

Think about their home, clothing style and the kind of art that they liked. You will then know if classic black, warm colors or brighter and more vibrant colors are the right choice.

Beautiful and elegant motifs

The motif on the urn carries a meaningful message. Choose one that is related to the deceased’s personality, hobbies or religious beliefs.

Among the most popular are motifs of various flowers, crosses, leaves, hands joined in prayer, a hunter, fish and still life.

We guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind, as you can choose exactly what the deceased would have liked.


Wooden urns are an excellent choice for the deceased who had a strong connection to nature. They evoke feelings of warmth, intimacy and tranquility in us. At Lumada, we offer beech and walnut wood urns.

They are glued with organic glue and coated with natural oils.

They are suitable for the interment of ashes directly into the ground, as the wood will decay over the years and mix with the soil. Alternatively, they can be placed in a cremation niche. Wooden urns are a great choice for environmentally conscious people.

Different sizes, designs and motifs

We offer walnut wood urns for those who prefer darker, warmer colors, while our beech wood urns are slightly lighter in color.

Some wooden urns are adorned with motifs of flowers or crosses.

A wooden urn is always an excellent choice

People are becoming increasingly aware of how precious our connection with nature is, and that being connected to nature is the most rewarding thing we can experience. Wood evokes feelings of security and intimacy, so being encompassed by it is a nice way of saying goodbye to this world.

Both our wooden and metal urns are available in different sizes.

When choosing an urn, remember the wishes of the deceased regarding their last journey here on earth.

Urns for pets

More and more people are choosing to cremate and bury their pets. Many people keep their pets’ urns in their home. We offer you a variety of smaller urns suitable for your four-legged companions.

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